Odrv fan enabled

Hi guys,

Very simple question, I’m using the Odrive Pro and I’m simply trying to turn on the fan. I plugged it in the designated IO (Fan 12V and Fan - ).

When I turn this parameter on :

odrv0.config.odrv_fan.enabled = True

Nothing happens. What am I doing wrong, it seems so simple.
Also, there are those 2 parameters that I can’t find anywhere what they represent :


Is it the inner temperature of the Odrive ?

Hi, yes, we monitor the inverter (FET) temperature. When odrv0.axis0.motor.fet_thermistor.temperature exceeds upper, the fan will turn on. It will turn off again when the temperature drops below lower.

Thanks, but for some reason, the odrv0.axis0.motor.fet_thermistor.temperature = 40 and my fan upper limit is set to 35 and the lower to 20 and it doesn’t start… do you have any idea why ?

I used those limit simply to check if the fan works. Is it because the limits are to “cold” or to close to room temperature ?