Odrv0.axis0.error 256

Hi, there is a few error when I power on the odrive and odrivetool

I used 24v odrive v3.6,

when power on is ok, motor starts to rotate a few revolutions.

later, I type odrv0.axis0.error, it shows 256.

could you share what could be a potential problem?


you should try with odrv0.erase_configuration() which will erase your configuration and now you have to reconfigure few things like calibration_current, current_limit , encoder cpr and try with full calibration.

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Please check your encoder connections, seems it’s not pulsing correctly.

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Hi, thanks for your support, I found the problem.

the encoder grove is not fit into the shaft slot very well when I assembled them ,

So every time the start up, the motor rotates for calibration, but the encoder does not rotate,

this is the root problem.

thanks a lot !