Oh no odrv0 disappeared problem

Hello guys
I’ve just started using ODrive recently. Everything was working fine when I was controlling the motors using odrivetool , but when I switched to Python, I couldn’t execute odrv0.save_configuration() . I suspect it’s a firmware version issue, so I updated odrive to version 0.5.6. However, I noticed that in odrivetool , I can no longer calibrate or control the motors, and as soon as I enter ‘odrv0.erase_configuration()’ or ‘odrv0.save_configuration()’, it tells me ‘Oh no odrv0 disappeared’

Is it related to my firmware update?

This is expected, you actually are executing odrv0.save_configuration() (and odrv0.erase_configuration()), both of these commands reboot the ODrive which causes it to temporarily disconnect from odrivetool.