Okay to Sell your ODrive here?

Please accept my apologies if its inappropriate.

I have a pair of ODrive 24V boards v 3.6. I don’t care for them and the Arduino driver so I’ll spin my own. Both boards are for sale if you’re looking for a deal.

I’ve only ever set them up and they have less than 15 minutes of runtime. My computer doesn’t seem to like them. I’ll connect throw a couple commands and then the drive disconnects until I reconnect the USB. I don’t know the reason but I’d guess it’s my laptop. They act the same and I can calibrate the drives etc.

The motors & encoders themselves are not for sale at this time unless it’s something you really want. I’ll be buying some ESCs and writing my own. My loss is your gain. Email chas at snocomakers dot org.


Hi Chas,
if you could send it to Ukraine i would take one
or share it on e-bay

Hmm. We’ve had some noise issues with USB. If you’d like you can try a high quality, shorter length USB cable.

Also, I’m not sure what you mean by the “Arduino Driver”?

I had troubles with the USB as well and I don’t use it. I use UART and that doesn’t drop out or crash.