Open loop linear motor control

I’m considering using odrive to run a prototype linear induction motor (passive rotor), and from my research it should be possible to do so. However I haven’t figured out sensing yet and I’m wondering if it’s possible to drive the system fully open loop (just create a rotating magnetic field, no feedback). Obviously having sensing working would be the next goal, but solving one problem at a time is better than all at once.

Furthermore (apologies if this needs a separate thread) for performance reasons it will be necessary to only power a section of track surrounding the rotor using optically triggered gates. Will doing so completely mess with the odrive? Presumably there will be slight discontinuity in back emf as one coil-triplet comes online while another leaves. Is this a completely hare-brained idea?


You might be able to use the “lockin” mode for this, or even sensor less mode. Would be tricky though