Ordered 24V version of Odrive instead of 56V, can I change?

Hi, I accidentally ordered the wrong version of the Odrive3.6 but there is no contact info in the shop nor any cancellation procedure. Is there anything I can do to cancel it and order the more expensive one? I am in Europe, Netherlands.

Thanks a lot for any help,

Try info@odriverobotics.com
But it looks like everything except 24V with connectors is sold out at the moment.

i use 24v and it looks very good i’m still learning to set its parameter on the main page to this email here info@odriverobotics.com

supposedly the only difference between the 24V and 56V is the voltage rating on the capacitors. If you’re confident in your soldering skill it would not be impossible to swap them.

If you still want the 56V version, I’m in NL and wouldn’t mind getting the 24V version, maybe I can buy it off you so you can order the other one?