Parameter settings?

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I’m in a project to realize force-feedback for a flightsimulator. We use the Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6374-149kv with, according to the specs, a max current of 70 Amps. We use a power supply 24V 40A for now.
When the motor is connected to the ODrive card everything runs fine. But, when applying a force with a fixed position, suddenly the card stops working and has to be reset. I tried different settings for the .current_lim. By 10A is works all the time ok but of course the force is low. With a setting of 25A it sometimes reset sometimes not. With higher setting it mostley reset even faster. For what it’s worth, it looks that the power supply isn’t the reason, on an oscilloscope I can’t see anything weird. Any suggestion would be appreciated

Did you try reading the error codes?

Thank you for your hint to look at the errorcode. Didn’t know that it existed. At this moment I use the uart with an arduino to send commands. I have to figure out how to send python commands over the USB. That may take a while due to busy work. If I get stucked again I will continue this thread.
Thanks so far.

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