Pinout odrive 20 vs 18 pins in schematics

Hi, i’m a bit confused.
The odrive contains connector J3 which has 18 pinson this schematic:

We do have v3.6 physically and this one contains 20 pins.

In the PCB schematics, J3 contains 20 pins. How is that, which is correct?

Isn’t the schematic up to date? once i open the PCB docs in altium, i find that j3 only contains 18 pins for i believe v3.5.

I’m a bit confused and I’d like to know the (latest) correct dimensions of components on the unit without having to measure myself which can lead to measurement errors

The 3.5 schematic has 20 pins and matches 3.6. v3.4 had 18 pins.

Ah, but the 3.5v mech dimensions on github still shows 18 pins rather than 20 so that’s why i’m confused.
But thanks for clarifying!