Plugging in motor into ODrive

I bought an odrive motor (D6374) and it has 3 wires to plug into the odrive (red, blue and yellow). I was wondering which wires should be plugged into which position in the odrive terminal block. I see there is a C and an A side which i would assume is the cathode and anode but what wires will be plugged in where?

It makes no difference which wires are plugged into which position. The motor will work regardless of which order is used.

Also the A and C designations are not short for anode and cathode. The phases are referenced A, B, and C which is one of the more common ways to reference the three legs of a three phase motor. A few other common references that you may see are U, V, W and R, S, T.

what is done with the extra black wire then?

That is a thermistor output. You can use it to measure temperature if you like. ODrive v3 doesn’t have a circuit to measure it, so you have to add your own if you want to use it.