Position control in cpr instead of turns

How can I control the position based on cpr instead of revolutions? Is that posible ?

No, it’s no longer possible in 0.5.1. If you want to do all your math in cpr you can just divide by cpr when you send it to input_pos/vel

Top, Thanks! To clarify: The problem is that I am using FlyPT Mover to control my rig (trough odrive) and this app seems to be sending integers to the odrive instead of floats. Since I can only control revolutions §, my range is 0 to 70 (whole numbers) and the resolution is then too low. If I could control in cpr or in floats, the resolution is already a lot higher. Hope this is clear. Anyway, thank you for your comment.

I think you’ll have to downgrade to firmware 0.4.12 which is still in cpr.