Possible sensors for endstops


I recently bought the Odrive 3.6 and want to use endstops. I’m looking for a proximity sensor (based on induction) that can be fixed in position (for example with a thread) since they will be used on a moving plattform.
Alot of these sensors need a supply of 10-30V. For example this one: https://docs.rs-online.com/d90c/A700000007741473.pdf
As far as I understand it, most of these sensors don’t have a digital output, but rather use analog output (thus output voltage = input voltage). However the GPIOs of the odrive only work for 0 to 3.3 V.

I’m wondering which other sensors I could use for homing that work with the odrive. Any hints? Would this one work? Richer R Proximity Switch Sensor, LJ18 A3 8 Z/BX 3-Wire

It will work as long as it’s an NPN sensor (no pullup)

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