Power requirements for3d printer

I inquired here a few years ago about a 3d printer project but a new job back burnered the project. Seemed Odrive was still pretty young too so I wasnt sure it was a good fit for my (low) electronic/coding/configuring skill lever. Now it looks like Odrive is moving along nicely, time is available and there are some proven examples out there so I’m interested again and my project is back on. My question is which motors to use for X and Y? I am using 10mm lead ball screws which will provide about 4x force multiplication over a typical 40mm per rev belt drive printer. The X axis is a bit heavy at about 6kg and the Y is less than 2kg. I did some testing for the Y axis with steppers back then https://youtu.be/KWK_djAidQs and concluded that 400-500mm/s rapids (non printing moves) and 20-100mm/s printing speeds with 5k’ish mm/s² accels. would be good. Does this sound like a good candidate for the Odrive and, once again what motors should I use? thanks

Try to find smaller, higher pole count motors with low cogging. Vez3D has made a great video about ODrive 3D printers too ODrive 3D Printer instructions - YouTube