Power supplies from stepper online

Does anyone have experience with power supplies from stepper online:


Compared to meanwell and alike really cheap…?

I imagine the fan might be loud but then that can be swapped if needed perhaps…?

I have used very similar power supplies from eBay etc. The fan doesn’t come on at low currents. For ODrive probably the 48V 5A 250W would be plenty for a CNC stepper-replacement job.
They do explode rather violently if you forget to check that the input switch isn’t set to 110V when you plug it into 240V though :grimacing:
Fortunately, the equipment on the output wasn’t damaged.


We are using 24V 800W and 2.2kW PSU’s
The smaller ones can have rather loud fans. We have four of them and the fans aren’t really constant in quality. The larger ones are ok.

Other than that, they are doing their duty, no problems so far.