Power supply, brake resistor, and voltage

Hi again everyone,
Im nearly done with my senior design project (which went very smoothly thanks to the Odrive) and there are a few things I’d like to add. First I would like to use a power supply instead of a battery. I have one I took from my 3d printer which can supply 15v and 29 amps. I tried using this and the motor calibrates, but when I try a position command with a high velocity the whole thing resets. I am not sure if it is the power supply or the Odrive causing the issue. I tried adding the brake resistor supplies with the Odrive but I’m not sure what value to input for it. I was thinking I could be drawing too many amps at once for the power supply and this might cause it to reset but I’m a mechanical engineer (soon to be) not electrical.

Also, if I do get stuck using batteries I would like to have an indicator for when to swap them out. I’m using an arduino for control through uart and maybe I just don’t fully understand it but I assumed all I would need to do to get voltage is this simple command “odrive_serial << “.vbus_voltage\n”;”
Float voltage = odrive_serial.readFloat();
This just outputs 0, everything else I have coded so far through the arduino has worked. Maybe I’m just sending the command incorrectly? Thank you all so much for your help in advance.

The easiest way to get a handle on what is going on is to use odrivetool via USB to a PC host. From there you can query the error codes. If your power supply is too weak, you should expect to see an Axis error of ERROR_DC_BUS_UNDER_VOLTAGE = 0x02.