Power supply for odrive and c6374 bldc

Any suggestions for a 120v or 240v input power supply to run my Odrive and c6374 BLDC motor?

Well, first of all, I don’t think you are going to be able to run that motor on 2900W continuously. So don’t bother looking for a 2900W power supply :wink:

But I would advise you to take a large enough power supply. It is better to have a power supply that can deliver too much power than a power supply that gives just enough power.

I also advise you to take a good quality power supply. This is because the load on the power supply is very dynamic, it may have to deal with voltage ripple and reverse voltages when you are braking.

What’s your maximum wall power? If you’re on european sockets, you can get about 2800 watts out of them :smiley:

Of course, you’ll end up paying like $200 or more for a supply that can do that.

@LowiekVDS and @Wetmelon Thank you both for your responses. I am in USA but have 240v ac available to me. I have seen some power supplies that are 2,000 watts but are about $400. The issue is that I don’t know what voltage /amperage combination to use. I will be using this for a small diameter (1/4", 6mm) industrial drill motor/cnc spindle. If anyone can recommend a particular model of power supply, I would really apreciate it.

Ah, well you want to stay under the voltage limit of your motor. Looks like you’ll want roughly a 24VDC supply for that. And as powerful as you can get at 24VDC. The motor will take up to 90A, but for continuous rating you’ll want something closer to 30A.

So a power supply in the 24VDC output, 1kw range should suit you

Thank you! @Wetmelon. That is exactly what I needed to know.