Power Supply Reading


Odrive board V3.4 was doing readings around 24V with a 24 V power supply. Any Idea why the reading went up?

Please, help.


Did you flash the board yourself? If so, make sure you have the right board version configured in tup.config

Thanks for your prompt reply. Yes, I did flash the board myself. I used the file ODriveFirmware_v3.4-24V.elf . It was the ONLY file used when updating the firmware.
I didn’t upgrade any other file.

Where did you get this .elf?

How did you do the firmware upgrade? DFU or with stlink?

I used stlink . Thanks

How did you point it to this .elf file? I don’t think your upgrade process used it, it looks like it used a different one, that is configured for 48V.

This is the list of commands I did.
make clean
I connected the stlink to pc from odrive
then make flash

Okay, none of that makes use of the file ODriveFirmware_v3.4-24V.elf downloaded from github.
If you are using make, you should just go edit tup.config in the firmware folder, and configure it to your board version.

I don’t see that file on that folder.

Maybe you are using an old version of the code? If you use the latest code, you are asked to rename tup.config.default to tup.config.

I will redo the entire flashing again. Thanks for your help