Powersupply - multiple outputs

For my Project i need multiple voltage outputs.
48V, 24V, 5V and 3V

My biggest problem was how to get 24V from my 48V 1000W supply without looses all the Power.
The stepdown converters i found where so expensive (over 500W).

Should i use 2 or 3 independent powersupply?
What was the best and affordable solution?


Use two 24V power supplies in series (the DC- of one will be the DC+ of the other one). Then you get 24V for free. Not all power supplies can do this though, and I’m not sure which ones are safe and which aren’t… so you’ll have to do some research (or experimenting!).

At £10 each, these make pretty cheap power supplies :wink:

I think independent power supplies is both the easiest and the saftest, and probably not much more expensive (unless your power draw on each rail is never done at the same time)