Probably dead ODrive

I’d like to ask if there is any chance that my ODrive can still be saved after I accidentally connected the battery through the connectors which should be used for the power resistor, instead of the proper ones.
The ODrive is not responsive and if I try to power it (this time through the right connectors) nothing happens. Is there a chance I can revive it substituting a fuse or component?
I gave a rapid look at the board and I do not see externally damaged units.
Thanks in advance

Try to put it in DFU mode with the small switch in the odrive and re flash it:

Thanks you for your response xpanearg.
At the ed it appears that my ODrive isn’t dead at all.
The problem was that by connecting the power source through the aux connectors the connectors of the battery were damaged and this resulted in a relevant voltage drop, which brought the input voltage at approximately 12V. The ODrive wasn’t powering up simply because the input voltage was too low.
Now I have replaced the connectors of the battery and tested the ODrive successfully.