Problem with bd.3.6 & odrivetool

I have bought 3 Odrive v3.6 56 volt bds. In the last month or so. The boards come with extras like a black USB cable around 75 in. long ( 2m ), wire dia. 0.135 in. I am using a HP desktop computer running windows 7 or a Dell laptop running windows 7 (have used both in testing). I have been able to get one board and the attached 2 motors to work. The other boards I sometimes could bring up with Odrivetool and find a serial number, sometimes not. I could not do odrivetool dfu on 2 of the boards. Spent many hours (days), trying to figure out what was wrong. Hooked up my Tek DPO2014 scope to look at power and signals and see lots of noise. But the noise looks about the same on the board that is working and the boards that do not work. At one point on a Parallax motor controller a few years back, I had the micro USB connector come off due to a strain on the USB cable. So on the Odrive boards I use a separate USB cable for each board and even have the cables wire tied. Today, I realized, that the working board was on an older USB cable that I had. It is 1 meter long and 0.150 in. in dia. (more shielding, I bet.) Using that cable all 3 of my boards work in Odrivetool and I can even run Odrivetool dfu and update the boards. I am thinking the new cables at 115k baud have a problem. Hope this might help some of you.

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Thanks for the heads up, I’ll pass this along.