Problems Flashing Firmware on V3.5 Board

Hi guys, has anyone encountered problems flashing firmware on v3.5 48V board? I use the odrive dfu, but I had this error:

Hi kwrobotics

I’m reflashing 3.2 24v and 3.5 48v regularly.
However I do run into into issues. Reflash with dfu does not work on my Ubuntu 16.04 (no dfu device found) and does not work on my windows 10 (erase works for writing immediately fails…). I use the STLink and openocd on my Linux PC. As long as you get the pins correctly connected, it’s always worked for me

Also, I think I have odrivetool 0.4.8 or 0.4.10 (can’t remember) and not 0.4.2 as you screenshot suggests. It looks like the script cannot download the fw
I would try a pop install odrive to get a fresher version
Also, in case you’re behind a web proxy, try to deactivate it if you can.
I also had a case where the odrivetool script would try to execute ‘python’ to read the firmware version from the C source; whereas in this particular station python refers to python2. I remember having to change the odrive code somewhere to explicitly call python3.

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