Question from a total noob

Looking to use ODrive to rig up a force trim release system for a cyclic control in a helicopter simulator. The goal is to use the DC motors to simulator spring return to center. So if the pilot moves the cyclic lever forward and releases it, the DC motors will move the cyclic back to the center. The reason I don’t just mechanically rig this with actual springs is that the “center” can be changed by the pilot for various regimes of flight.

Stage 2 of this project will see an autopilot implemented which will move the cyclic around based on parameters received from the flight simulation software.

From what I can tell so far, I’ll likely need to use a planetary gear system combined with a pulley system to get a reasonable amount of torque off the motors.

The question are as follows: What am I looking for as far as power supply specs for the motors (planning on using the D5065 motor) seeing as they will be operated at such slow speeds. I gather than I need to make sure that I’m current limiting as the motor will be back driven in a stalled condition somewhat frequently.

Any thoughts?

Start by calculating the current you need based on the torque requirements:

T = 8.269 Im/Kv => Im = T Kv / 8.26

Find out the power of your motor at stall:

P = Im^2 Rm

Where Rm is the motor phase resistance, you can measure that with a multimeter. Keep in mind that this will be drawn as heat from the motor, so if it is a lot you might need active cooling.
Decide on a PSU voltage and get your PSU current requirements based on power:

Ip = P/Vp

Pay attention that Im != Ip , ie the current in the motor windings is not the same as the current delivered by the PSU to the ODrive. Also the above is for a single motor obviously, and the motor at standstill (i.e. no back-EMF).

On the mechanical side, I’d just use a timing belt/pulley.

Ah, interesting. Let’s see, spring resistance is linear so if you set the motors in position control with no integrator (vel_integrator_gain = 0) then this will behave like a force trim that you can move around when you hit the trim button.

Whatcha playing? DCS Gazelle?