Questions about the range of speed fluctuations in Odrive velocity mode

Hello everyone!
I‘m now I’m having a problem right now,In one of my project requirements, I needed to reduce the speed fluctuation of the motor.
But now when I input the speed of 30, the motor speed fluctuates up and down for 3r/s, which translates to 180rpm, which is too big a fluctuation. I tried debugging using odrivetool to adjust vel_gain and vel_integrator_gain,But there is no good effect.What do I need to do to reduce speed fluctuations.
My motor is N5065,encoder is as5047p.Odrive vesion is v3.6.

The speed fluctuations could also come from the encoder. Make sure the magnet is properly aligned with no eccentricity, and double check the gap between the magnet and encoder is within spec (looks like 0.5-3mm from the as5047p datasheet)

If that is not the issue, could you provide a plot of these fluctuations and show us what you’ve tried so far?