Raspberry Pie and Odrive

What would be the best way to control ODrive using a Raspberry Pie or similar type board? I am looking for minimal latency of any type.

The project I am working on will probably end up running on a NVIDIA JetsonTX2, I would image there shouldn’t be any issues since it’s running Ubuntu (same as Raspberry Pie)?

I think the python native protocol over USB is probably going to be the best. I think the latency should be <1ms if the SBC (single board computer) is not overloaded.

Great, thanks for the info!

Hi Oskar, are you planning to support SPI eventually? I think I saw it in the context of ODrive One but not sure about the standalone board. It’s mega fast for communication between Rasp Pi, Arduino and stuff like this:

Yes the plan is to support SPI eventually.