Read Actual Speed in Sensorless Mode?


I have not found a clear answer in the docs or in the forum: if I run a motor in sensorless mode can I read out the actual real speed? Not calculated or estimated.
Since it switches from open lop to closed loop after spinning the motor it should know the speed as far as I understand?

My requirement is to monitor if the motor isn’t turning not because of missing voltage, stuck,… It’s a monitoring. But unfortunately my application doesn’t allow HAL sensors or position encoders.

How exactly do you think the sensorless mode knows the velocity? It’s estimated from a bunch of parameters, current sensors, and kalman filters.

The value you get from the sensorless “estimator” will correctly tell you if it’s moving.

The word “calculated” is wrong in my first post, please ignore it :grinning:

It could be calculated from the back EMF as soon as the motor moves?

So I see if the motor doesn’t move anymore (e.g. stuck, cable broke,…) in sensorless mode. Thank you for clarification.