Read index_found via Arduino

I’d like to see if the index_found variable is True before letting my machine command the motors…is it possible to read this variable on the serial stream?

I’ve tried reading in the same manner used in the example code with no luck.

Can you show us your code? Do you have a logic analyzer to show us what is on the wire?

I will load some code later…

What I was trying to prevent was false encoder index reads.

I battled this for a few hours yesterday…I’d get a false index pulse from the encoder and the motor would run away. Very dangerous.

My strategy was to somehow use the ODrive signals to ensure that I got a good index read before transitioning to closed loop. I’m not sure it’s possible to guarantee that a runaway doesn’t happen. A false index read can’t be detected that I know of.

One issue I was having was mechanical. For some reason my index pulses where tripping randomly. I solved this by adding some drain wires to the ground pin on my encoders and attaching them to the motor cans. Some sort of grounding ghost I guess.

Anyway, I’ll report more this week. My two axis gimbal is working well and the ODrive board is performing flawlessly!