Recovering a dead board

I have two dead Odrives and, if possible, would like to recover them.

I am thinking that if I can identify the damaged components, I could buy replacements and replace them on the board.

I have a hot air rework station and a multimeter.

The problem is, I (read: anyone in a similar situation who finds themself reading this post) am not particularly experienced with electronics and am not sure how to start.

How does one go about identifying which components are busted? (And which components are more likely to go?)

Secondly, having found a dead part, how would you go about identifying it so you can buy a new one?

(I’m being a bit intentionally dense in asking this question. That’s because it occurred to me this question could be quite a useful resource for people of all skill levels. So if people don’t mind, patient answers that don’t assume a lot of prior knowledge on the repairer’s part would be preferred.)

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Power the board and identify what’s heating. If nothing - check all power rails: DC, 5V, 3.3V analog and digital. The most fragile parts are STM32 MCU and DRV83001 predriver. All other components are usually survive.

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An infrared camera is super useful for this. Otherwise, you can use your finger (ow) or isopropyl alcohol… the alcohol will evaporate from the hot components first.

I would add:
If you find that the 3.3V and/or 5V are not present, then you can supply them externally (from a current-limited bench power supply). Set the output to no more than a Watt or so (i.e. 300mA at 3.3v or 200mA at 5V). If the power supply goes into current limit, then you have a dead component on that rail in addition to the dead voltage regulator.
At 1W you should be able to find something getting warm. If not, try a bit more current.

You can look up the schematic here to find which components are on the 3.3V and 5V rail.

To find out what parts to re-order, you can check the BOM.

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Just repeating here for reference what @towen said in another thread: the schematics he linked say 3.4 but are good for the current board version (3.6). The only difference being some filter capacitors.

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