Relevant source files and STM32 pins for debugging

I am working with an Odrive that hasn’t worked out of the box. The latest update on the problem can be seen here .

Luckily the Odrive firmware is open source and I can debug the controller and see why it is not working.

I am not sure if this is in the documentation so I would kindly like to ask where can I get the following information:

  • Which source files can I check for when the Firmware is controlling the Motor (in sensorless and sensor mode)? Particularly, I am interested in checking when the DRV8301 chip is being used for the main control.

  • Is there any information about the software architecture to comprehend the firmware? For example UML, C4, Sysml,etc. This would give me a good idea of the software implementation and debug the issue.

  • Which pins from the STM32 can I check for debugging the DRV8301 gate driver IC and the Hall Sensor inputs with a logic analyzer?

Thanks in advanced

Any time the motors are “armed” (see axis.cpp)

For example UML, C4, Sysml,etc.

No, sorry.

If your board isn’t working, you should contact for help.