Reset Button / Kill Switch : How To Not Blow Up?

I’m looking for a way to add a kill switch to my ODrive in a robotics application.

A friend suggested that it would NOT be wise to use a relay to kill power to the board, as that could allow for the motors to still be generating power with nowhere for that power to go. Is this correct?

I see there is a pin on the board labled “Reset” on the J2 jumper block. but I can’t find any documentation on this pin, and I can’t find a pinout for the board.

Could I use this pin to reset the board remotely (for instance with either an relay connected to an arduino, or connected directly to an Arduino pin) and this would kill power to the motors safely?


Yes you can kill the board by pulling reset low. I’m not sure what state that puts in the motor drivers in exactly, but it’s what @madcowswe has recommended in the past.

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