Resistor brake servomotor

Hello everyone,
I am Marco, thank you for hosting me in the forum,

I need help please,
I have an industrial servomotor to connect it to Odrive,

it is for a Racing simulator wheel, my problem is that I do not know what parameters I need from the Data sheet of my motor to calculate the motor resistance, since my knowledge in electronics is null, I show you a capture of the characteristics of

my servo is the SGMRV-20ANA-YR11 model,

with a 50w 2R resistance would it be enough?

Thanks for the help,

The brake resistor size required is dependent on the amount of power that you need to dissipate and how often. For a racing simulator wheel, you’re not going to be at high power so you won’t need a large one. Try the one that comes with your ODrive first. If it gets hot then go to a bigger Watt version.