Return to calibration position


I have a 24v odrive ,i run with a lipo 4s battery 4500mAh ,when i make the calibration the motor makes beep and make slow rotation both directions (calibration) all is ok ,but When I apply force to rotate motor by hand the motor turn but is doesn’t return to the zero calibration when i release the torque with my hand (like a spring)for exemple.I have connected my motor on M0, and i make all the same parameter like my other odrive 24v (it work perfect).I work with arduino huart port 8,9 to odrive 1,2 port for RX,TX! My encoder is cui-102 8192 cpr my motor is hengli 390kv 11 poles pairs.Can you help me to resolve my problem?


P.s. Sorry for my english

It should return close. If you want to improve the response, you need to tune the gains:

Hi ! Thanks for your answer, my motor figh my hand but when i make a torque more than 5A (my setting) motor release to fight turn free and never return to calibration position!

Send dump_errors(odrv0) when that happens to check for errors.