Reverse torque question

Can an Odrive bldc motor provide a settable continuous torque AGAINST a force rotating the shaft?

Picture something like a rowing machine where the user can set a resistance force level and pull away at it with the motor maintaining constant yet programmable resisting force & reeling the cable back in for another pull,
or behave like a weight stack in one of those gym weight machines for example.

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Yes. Just set a negative torque demand. That is exactly equivalent to a stack of weights on a pulley. :+1:
I’d recommend the newer firmware (0.5.1) for this application though.

If you need it to stop at a certain point and never spin out of control (e.g. you don’t have a physical stop on your cable), then you could perhaps put it into position control and change the current limit to set the torque.
If you want spin-bike style resistance, where torque is a function of speed, then you’d need to control the torque from an external app (e.g. python, arduino or a CAN-bus controller)

Yay Thanks Towen :slight_smile:
Next step is to select a suitable motor.