Robotic Lawn Mower


I´m very new to ODrive! (haven´t even received my board yet)

I have for the past 2 years developed a robotic lawn mower with some special features.
My first motors to the project was excellent in terms of functions, however they made a lot of noise.
So for this year I bought some “real” BLDC motors with integrated hall sensors.

Until I have received my board I´m doing some research, and from what I read the hall sensor should not be a problem.

What I´m looking for is a board that can drive my motors, one of the key features in my first motors is that they will not freewheel in slopes, I could set a speed and then drive down a slop without the robot freewheeling down and crash.
Also when driving up in a slope, I would like to stop and not fear it will freewheel down again.

The motors I have are 3000RPM rated at 1.8 A.

Can ODrive solve this for me ?


Yes this should work. How well the motors will hold position depends on how many pole pairs the motor has and the gearing to the wheels.

Thank you for confirming!

Oh, BTW, here is the 2019 prototype (disregard the tape and white top, work in progress :wink:

2019 Prototype