ROS node for Odrive

I am working on ROS differential controller ( At the same time I am using Odrive to drive my bldc motors.
Can someone help me on how to integrate differential drive ros node to Odrive?

Hi @sumeet

Here is a repository that I tried playing around with last year:

I was planning to try and use ROS and ODrive for a robot arm and so was looking at this for tips. It is setup for a wheeled robot, so you might be able to work with it. And it looks like the developer made some updates a few months ago so it’s not a dead end. Good Luck!

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Neomanic is my colleague, we are still using the Odrive in our two wheel, non balancing, robotic plateform, with ROS. No updates because it’s currently stable and functional.

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you can easily write a python node and import odrive module in your python node. and there is no need to other module or extra code.
But works with python3 and you should run your node with python3. and in this node you can only use rospy module. For example tf package doesn’t work with python3.