'run_tests.py' doesn't work: can't find 'Logger' from 'odrive.utils'


‘run_tests.py’ doesn’t work (from tools folder in devel or master branch), because it can’t import ‘Logger’ from ‘odrive.utils’. What’s wrong here?

I want to get started Firmware developing, so I would like to get these test working.



Hi Dan,

run_tests.py is pretty old at this point - it looks like the last edit was 3 years ago! The way that we run the tests now is via individual tests in the tools/odrive/tests folder. There’s also a script there called run_all_tests.sh that will run all of the tests.

The full test suite requires extra hardware in addition to the ODrive. It’s documented here: https://github.com/odriverobotics/ODrive/blob/devel/docs/testing.md

If you want to run the full test suite and use the Teensy + RPi, you will need to connect them together as specified in the test-rig-rpi.yaml file. The lpf (low pass filter) connections I think can be skipped, I’ll have to check my setup.

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