Running ODrive FW on STM32F446 Nucleo. Just for fun!

I have a STM32F446RE-Nucleo lying around, Ive been able to build the ODrive FW and flash it using a Segger JLink. Debugging using Ozone I can see that the code starts and runs ok.

From MXCube I get that the STM32F446 should be almost pin-compatible with the STM32F405 used in the ODrive HW, except for one pin, which dont matter to me (at the moment).

I hook up the Nucleo to my PC using a FTDI cable and tries to establish some communication over UART4 but I get no response from the drive. I dont use the USB-interface because it is not around on my F446. I use a simple terminal on my PC to send the commands, is that the way it is supposed to work ?

I will not try to run any motor with this setup, just wanted to try out the setup with the tools and play around a bit before I pull the trigger and buys the ODrive and a motor.

I like what I see when I browse through the code, really good job done there, it could just be fun if I got it to run on my Nucleo…

I did not alter any of the “hardware-config” (like stm32f405xx.h or STM32F405RGTx_FLASH.ld…) files before building since I believe they should be pretty similar for the F446 and F405.

Anyone tried the same and would be willing to offer some advice ?

Thanks in beforehand!