Searching for D shaft BLDC motors for a robotic arm

Hey guys, first post!

I am currently making a robot arm starting with the gearboxes. I am using 3D printed cycloidal gearboxes that are currently designed for nema 17/23s. I love the idea of encoded BLDC motors and ended up buying 4 5065 Odrive motors along with 2 odrives haha.

Although these motors are great for the larger degrees of freedom in my robot arm, I am really looking for smaller motors for the end two joints on the end of the arm. My main problem is that the BLDC motors that i can find are all round shaft making them hard to attach a printed part too (grub screws dont work too well in plastic unfortunately).

If anyone could point me in the direction of a D shaft BLDC motor less than ~350g that would be awesome!

Dont worry, I Just decided to get some spare shafts and grind them down :slight_smile:

I did the same. Works great :slight_smile: