Sensorless tuning

So I am running my ODrive in sensorless mode and I seem to have hit an RPM cap. If I run the motor at 28000 RPM everything works fine. When I try to run the motor at 30000 RPM it hit about 28300 RPM and will not go any further. At the same time the Iq_setpoint will start to ramp up. At 28000 RPM it will be at 2A. At 30000 RPM it will go up over the course of about a second to 20A. At the same time the measured current wont get above 4A.

I know this motor can go faster than this. The manufacturer runs it at 18V and can hit 30000 RPM no problem. I am hoping the issue is that I need to tune the motor settings. I have no idea how to do this though.

Here is a CSV with data I logged:

What motor (pole pairs) and what voltage are you running?

It has 2 pole pairs and is running at 24V

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The issue was that I was hitting the modulation limit within the ODrive. ODrive V3 is only able to hit about 70% of the speed of other controllers at a given voltage using the same motor. ODrive V4 should be able to match the speed. In the mean time I just needed to up the voltage. Thank you again to @Wetmelon for helping me figure this out on Discord.

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