Settings for odriver motor and encoder

I purchased the odrive 3.6 board along with odrive D5065 dual shaft motor and CUI AMT102-V encoder. Since those items are the ones sold by Odrive, I believe the settings regarding motor and encoders are already known (gains etc). Is there a place I could possibly get those parameters? I am asking because I have straggled with other motors and encoders on the odrive board but never got it right the way I would like … so finally I decided to buy the motor and encoder sold by the site to make sure everything has been tested. Thank you in advance … I m looking forward for a table of settings

Unfortunately no, nobody can tell you the correct gains to set for your system because the gains settings are dependent on not only your motor, but also the load that the motor is moving. The gains are what control how hard the motor “pushes” in order to try and move to your position setpoint. Because everyone is building different systems, it is impossible to provide already known values for these settings.
Have you tried looking at the tuning procedure given in the ODrive docs? I would recommend using the new ODrive GUI to graph the actual position and your position setpoint as you tune the control parameters. This should allow you to easily see how your motor is actually moving in response to commands (such as if it “pushes” to hard and overshoots the position setpoint, or “pushes” to weak and takes a long time to arrive).

I agree with everything you said, but I would also like to point out that all of the default ODrive settings are specifically set to work with the motors and encoder available in the shop. Out of the box, a D5065 + AMT 8192 cpr encoder will be stable and will work with the steps listed in the getting started guide.

unfortunately the new GUI doesn’t work on my pc … i don’t know why. When i run the exe its waiting for connection for ever. Do i have to run something before the exe file?

My command prompt odrivetool works ok though …

Did you install the prerequisites from the GUI post?

pip install flask flask-cors flask-socketio odrive?

Got it thanks to your last comment! … yes the prerequisites were installe, but i did everything on anaconda but (stupid me) i didn’t run the exe file from anaconda prompt but with double click!

Now I followed the instructions to configure gains, but when i spin the motor i get the error that i exceeded current limit (which was set to 40amps!!!) … the motor is in the 3d printed nema23 enclosure … strange