Setup for controlling two hoverboard motors? analog to Tx via ADS1115

Hello ODrive community,
I’m assembling a rideable self-balance ‘segway’ the steering control is a Hall-sensor which gives a 1.96v~3.2v out (with 2.5v being the ‘neutral’ straight-ahead output). I was going to buy an ADS1115 analog-to-digital converter, and connect it to the UART TX/Rx of an Arduino Mega (that handles the balance/speed calculation via an MPU6050) - which I hope would send the drive-power signal to the ODrive.
I don’t know if this would distribute the power to each wheel, enabling it to balance, and control each motor faster/slower to enable steering?

The ODrive and the Arduino both have analog inputs, but they’re not as accurate as the ADS1115, and would suffer from noise.