Shorted/blown oDrive?

Hi All,
I was recently trying to spin a hall sensored BLDC and was having some problems with the hall sensors. I decided to probe the hall sensors with my oscilloscope to see if they were working. Unfortunately, I was an idiot and accidentally connected the ground clip of my scope to the 5V rail of the oDrive instead of the GND rail. Since the oDrive was powered off my bench supply there was a short between 5V and earth. Now the oDrive appears to power on (PWR LED is lit) but it’s not recognized as a COM Port on my PC. I tried flipping the DFU switch but no dice.

I’d be grateful if anyone has any ideas! I can’t afford a new oDrive right now but I could replace any of the components as my friend does PCB rework for a living and has tools and skills. Would replacing the STM32 solve it?



You probably blew up one of the voltage regulators. I’d look for the 5v and 3.3v rails