Simtools simulator rig connection

Hi ,
i m planning to make 2dof bldc simulator with odrive 3.5 latest firmware
i have 5065 330kv motors and 1024pulse encoders
i m working on simtools to connect to odrive but i cant
i use the Mr Zennix (member of odrive community) configiration on simtools.
But no response from o drive.
i connected pc to odrive with usb cable.
But simtools not sending commands to o drive
Do i need to make some setups on odrive before connecting?

Or need to write some codes at odrive startup?
And which usb port do i need to use on pc?
Can you help please ?
And i m wondering, can we make it plug&play?

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Hi! Dont go with the latest firmware.
Go this way if you plan to build a simulator.
This firmware setup works great.

Hi Wickie and LOL_Canavarlari,

I was headed in the same direction and looking to use the latest firmware. What firmware version is Silentchill’s? In reviewing his posts I didn’t did any details of firmware version or what may have been changed. I’m a bit of a glutton for punishment so thinking I may try making the latest firmware work.

LOL_Canavarlari, for setup I’m still very much in the process of figuring out the details but the referenced video is a great overview. Pardon me if this is a bit rudimentary…
If you want to dig deeper then look at the ASCII protocol in the Odrive documentation. You need to enable ASCII protocol on USB on the Odrive and make sure that Simtools output COM port is set to the same port that Odrive is monitoring for commands.

The main issue that I see using the latest Odrive firmware is that it takes position input as a float defining a number of turns instead of counts.

I haven’t figured out how to transform the Axis output from Simtools into the appropriate turns float yet. It may require writing a new Simtools interface that scales the Simtools Axis value into an appropriate turns value but I may have missed something in Simtools that would let us do that with the existing interfaces.