Some BLDC Motor Questions From Someone New To BLDC Motors

Hello All,

I recently got into BLDC motors and have garnered a great deal of respect for the Odrive BLDC motor driver. However, when it comes the BLDC motors themselves I have the following questions:

  1. Lowest kv for best price?

The constraints I have for my project is that I’m looking for a lowest possible kv motor for the lowest possible price. I have looked at the ODrive motor guide however I am still wondering what community suggestions are for the low price, low kv criteria (gladly taking suggestion from that motor list or otherwise).

  1. Are there Cheap Encoders?

Why are encoders like the encoder on the ODrive website so expensive? I’m aware that I could use hall effect or BEMF for control however, for my project I need to hold position (BEMF is probably bad for that) and I don’t really want to take the motors apart to add hall effect sensors. Are there cheaper encoders elsewhere?

  1. Motor Clones or Same Original Motor?

Doing research online I have found BLDC motors with same model name as " DUAL SHAFT MOTOR - D5065 270KV" on the ODrive store, except that they are single shaft and do not have fancy metal cut outs (factors not relevant to me) from places like Banggood notably they are about half the price of the ODrive website one. My question is that are these questionable clones or are these the motors ODrive buys and then makes modifications to?

Help To Any of These Questions Very Much Appreciated,


Lowest kV motor for best price would be the motors from a used hoverboard Wich are round about 16kv

Thanks for the reply, I just looked into that and it seems interesting.

Unfortunately, these are the cheap ones :confused:

Dang, maybe I should look into hall effect control. Thanks for your response!
These are cheap (you’ll need to make a mounting bracket, easy enough with a 3D printer) and they have absolute position, so no need for calibration

Thanks for pointing me towards Mouser. They have so many encoder options!

You can also replace the motor shaft on cheap Drone motors.

As example i replaced the complete shaft from the “gartt ml 5010” with a 6mm steel rod.

Now i have a 30 bucks 300kv dualshaft motor. “Skyentific” would say - nice

Wow, that is a great deal! Thank you so much!