Some issue about make a PMSM driver base on ODrive

Hi guys

I want to control a PMSM with the ODrive.

The spec of the PMSM is below
Rated input voltage: 60V (I guess this value is phase voltage not VDC)
Rated rev.: 3000RPM
Rated output: 200W

However, I am facing three problems.

  1. Could I just series two 48V power supplies to get higher voltage?
    Like the first fig in this link.
    Because when Vbus = 40 V, the speed is only 20 RPS.
    And I want to use 100V Vbus to reach 50 RPS.
    (I know I need to replace the gate and gate driver first)

  2. How much the max phase voltage ODrive can output?
    I saw this post said ODrive could output 16.6V line voltage with 24V Vbus.
    Base on line voltage = sqrt(3) * phase voltage. The phase voltage = 9.6V.
    But I also find some papers said the phase voltage = 1/2 * 1.15 * Vbus.
    Consider about leave 20% duty cycle for measuring the current.
    the phase voltage = 1/2 * 1.15 * Vbus * 0.8 = 1/2 * 1.15 * 24 * 0.8 = 11V.
    which value is correct? 9.6V or 11V?

  3. Could I buy a STM32F405 MCU and flash it with v0.5.4 firmware?
    because I want to make a custom board but I heard the newest firmware can’t compatible with it.

Newest firmware compiles and works with custom boards.
Which mosfers and gate drivers do you want to install for 100v operation?

Thanks for your reply.

I am very happy that newest firmware work with custom boards.
Because the communication interface in ODrive is really convenient.

I haven’t yet decided. But following other evaluation board is easier to me.
Ex. The IGBT STGIB15CH60TS-L (STEVAL-IPM15B power board).