Source high torque motors with integrated encoder

Hello, for my application I need a motor with ideally about 15/20 NM and some sort of bolt pattern to attach a lever. For the other axis I need a 2NM motor, ideally with a hollow axis of about 20/22 mm to insert a rod.
In the first iteration of my prototype I’ve used common hoverboard hub motors with good results, and fiscally attached a 8mm axle to drive a 8192ppr encoder.
The mechanical alterations I had to perform to these motors prove to be difficult and inaccurate creating problems.
For that reason I would like to source some motors with good encoders built in for odrive to be able to hold a position in closed loop control for as cheep as possible without having to alter the motor.

I’ve looked online and found for example:


These websites have very little Information on the motors, I’ve even checked the manufacturer website and the same.
I was wondering if anyone has experience with these kind of motors or could give me some advice on what to purchase.
Thanks a lot!