Spacing the two banks of encoder input pins

Is it possible in future versions of odrive to space the two banks of encoder inputs so that two connectors like these could be soldered in ? I just opened my odrive today and I don’t think two of these will fit even if the VCC pin in the middle of the two encoder inputs is unused.

I won’t have chance for a few days to fire up my odrive, but I noticed there seems to be some flux residue on the top of the board where the usb input is soldered to the board. Should I just clean this off ?

2.54mm is the same spacing, so I guess you could do that.
cheers Stijn

Hi Stijn,
You can’t currently fit two of these connectors side by side though.

Do regular female jumper cables fit on the pins of such a connector?

The left kind:

Hi Oskar,
Yes they fit. The female connector I linked to is essentially what is moulded into the case of the CUI AMT102, and you can use regular Dupont connectors there.


Okay great, I will consider this for ODrive v3.6. Thanks for sharing!

I ordered some of the connectors, and I think it is possible to solder in two of them side by side if you sacrifice the middle 3.3v pin. This should be fine for the CUI AMT102.

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