SPI interface encoder AS5047

I am using oDrive v3.6 version for my robot. I want to use the SPI interface of encoder AS5047 - to avoid calibrate at reboot. As instructed, I have to reinstall the TobinHall firmware [https://github.com/TobinHall/ODrive/tree/Non-Blocking_Absolute_SPI](http://TobinHall firmware) (latest version v0.4.6).
If I use this firmware, can I use the latest features of oDrive like CAN bus?
How can I use the SPI interface and still use functions like the CAN bus?
Am I misunderstanding somewhere?
Thank you for your help.

The only firmware that I know of that has AS5047 support and CAN support is the RazorsEdge branch on my fork. https://github.com/Wetmelon/ODrive

This is an unofficial fork / branch, so support is not guaranteed.