Start_liveplotter no plot

Hi, I use python 3.10,
my odrive firmware is

I can use the command start_live plotter, but there is no plot on screen.

could you provide some solution?

thanks !

start_liveplotter is a function, so you need to call it with the required arguments.
You can see from the output that there is a required argument get_var_callback, and an optional argument legend
get_var_callback will look something like lambda: [odrv0.vbus_voltage, odrv0.ibus] (replace vbus_voltage and ibus with the properties you want to plot)
If you want to define the legend for this, you would use: legend = ["Bus Voltage", "Bus Current"]
So, all together you should be entering
start_liveplotter(lambda: [odrv0.vbus_voltage, odrv0.ibus], legend = ['Bus Voltage", "Bus Current"])

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