Stepper motor With Odrive

Hello I would like to have the help of the community.

Is it possible to order a “worm screw” stepper motor with the Odrive.

How can I connect it to the odrive
Do you have examples of code allowing me to be precise when the motor controls the up and down of the worm screw.

below the motor.

Thank’s you for your help

No. You cannot drive that motor with ODrive. ODrive does not support stepper motors. Only 3-phase synchronous motors are supported, i.e. the majority of Brushless DC motors.

You could use a different hollow-shaft motor, and fit a leadscrew nut to it though.

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3 phase stepper motors works fine with ODrive. I use them with ODrive.

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Yes of course. Although I think these are often referred to as “hybrid stepper motors” ? (since they can be driven with a PMSM driver)
And a 3-phase stepper comes under the category of “3-phase synchronous motors” that I mentioned. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Certainly the motor referenced by Christophe is not a 3-phase stepper. It is a more traditional 2-phase stepper.

Thank’s for your help