It is possible to make an urgent stop using ASCII protocol?
The motor should be with torque, not in IDLE status.

Thanks 4 your help!

Hi RaulG,

Can you elaborate on exactly what you’re trying to accomplish? “with torque”? Do you mean a return to zero speed or a position hold?

If you can provide a bit more details as to your actual application and requirements, I can provide better recommendations.

Hi Solomondg,

thanks for your support!
I just want to stop the motor faster. Maybe the best way to stop is with a trapezoidal movement and with the deceleration under control. Can I do it with the ASCII protocol?


What state are you nominally in? Torque control? Vel control? Position control? You can also use VEL_RAMP down to zero.

Yes, ASCII protocol provides full access to all ODrive functionality.