Tiger Motor U10 plus tuning

Hi! I am using Odrive to run bldc motor to be used for wheeled bots .
During velocity control mode , while tuning the vel_gain and vel_integrator gain parameters in the motor +encoder feedback system, the tuning factors for low vel_setpoint (say 4-6k cnts/s) are very different from that at high vel_setpoint (say 80kcnts/s).
Since I need the velocity control of bot both at high and low velocities for the wheeled robot , what method can be used to do the same .
For specification ,I am using Tiger motor U10plus 170 KV whose maximum rated speed is 6000rpm and using Orange encoder whose cpr=2400
I have used a 28:56 encoder to motor gear ratio so if I tune the motor at velocity setpoint =80k counts/s, the motor speed would be close to 2000 rpm
if I use the same vel_gain and vel_integrator gain at low rpm the vel_eestimate fluctuates a lot … which control mode should I use for this problem and how?
I am new to odrive , any help would be really helpful.
Thanks, Kshitij